In a context where different national regulations are giving way to an emerging global medical cannabis market, Sovereign Genetics offers its experience as a pioneer in this field. Our company has been working in the cannabis genetic field since 2005, accumulating vital experience to help our clients in a young market that is growing day by day.

The fact that our company develops its activities in an incipient and evolving young market as diverse as this one means that the experience accumulated in these years of work allows Sovereign Genetics to offer global advice on cultivation and cannabis genetics for any company that intends to make the leap into this market.

Throughout this time, Sovereign Genetics has had a research license granted by the AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products). Under this license, the company has carried out different research studies on plants of the Cannabis sativa L. species. The studies conducted on performance, genetic improvement and analysis of cannabinoids and terpenes of different strains of cannabis have allowed us to have a stable genetic collection of dozens of cultivars suitable for the pharmaceutical and recreational markets. These varieties can be used both by the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of drugs to treat various ailments and by government agencies to implement medical cannabis projects as well as by the recreational market in countries that have regulated it.

In this sense, Sovereign Genetics also offers global consulting services for any company that needs to carry out the reproduction of any genetics or for the multiplication of these varieties through the production of stable feminized seeds or via in vitro reproduction. Our company carries out these breeding projects always relying on a scientific approach with a selection of individuals based on the analysis of terpenes and cannabinoids. In this way, strains are being developed with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles that can work ideally for each purpose.

Thus, any company that needs to address any challenge in this industry involving the production or development of cannabis varieties can count on the experience and professionalism of Sovereign Genetics.

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