Sovereign Genetics uses the most advanced techniques and technologies in the field of biotechnology to achieve the best results in the production and development of genetics.

These are some of the technological advances used in different levels of the production or investigation process


It is defined as the exhaustive measurement of low-molecular-weight metabolites. We analyze thousands of molecules in plants grown under regular conditions and under specific stress conditions in order to develop predictive models for adaptability. We do so by finding biomarkers. This way we can predict the adaptability of every cannabis strain to those stress conditions through a simple biomarker analysis in the plants.


Our breeding processes are always based on technological data. We use a liquid chromatography system for the analysis of 14 cannabinoids and a gas chromatography system for the analysis of 53 terpenes. Data is then processed in conjunction with agronomic results, and analyzed with statistical tools such as principal component analysis (PCA).

In vitro

Our company bases our plant breeding on in vitro techniques which allow us not only to improve the reproduction times, but also to guarantee the homogeneity of our varieties, as well as keeping them free of viruses and pathogens.


Our company carries out the development of its plants in different soils and substrates in order to test and compare them. In this way, we are able to elaborate specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each strain in our catalogue.

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