Haze*Skunk1 X Haze*NL5

THC: 18.27% – CBD: 1.12%



Plant morphology

A big and sculptural Sativa-looking marijuana plant, with plenty of long and flexible branches, ample internodal spacing and many thin leaves. In fact, she grows so tall that her reaching heights of 4.5 m outdoors is actually rather likely.

Growth characteristics
Given her extremely vigorous growth, she’s best grown outdoors. If it’s not possible, the flowering phase must be induced after just two weeks of vegetative growth and remember that SCROG would be a great choice for indoor growing.

Another reason why she’s so adequate for outdoors is that, despite thriving in dry, sunny climates or in the greenhouse, she performs well in any kind of climate thanks to her resistance to moisture.

Her flowering period is generally rather short but some phenotypes require more time.

Indoors, she flowers in some 70-80 days and, outdoors, she’s ready for harvest by late October/early November. We must take into account that this plant needs to be provided with a more intensive fertilization and an iron-, zinc-, magnesium- and nitrogen-rich diet.

Main Aromas and flavours

Super Silver showcases clear and intense tastes and aromas of lemon, pine, cedarwood, incense and spices. She’s inherited the organoleptic qualities of her predecessors and she’s mixed them to create a rich and magical combination.

Haze*Skunk1 X Haze*NL5

THC: 18.27% – CBD: 1.12%

Additional Information

Additional information


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